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The dream of every entrepreneur is to have their business become successful and profitable. They want to see their company grow and thrive, and be able to provide for their employees and themselves. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses, and they work hard to make them succeed. The Big BILLION is NOW RESERVED for the COOL APP IDEAS.

However, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs actually achieve this dream.

The main reason why most businesses fail is because the entrepreneurs do not have a clear plan or vision for their business.

They also do not focus on their target market and they do not have a good marketing strategy.


Before Starting with that ONE COOL APP IDEA

Vet your App Idea, as this would help you in the longer run. The answer is not always that you are addressing a problem. Identify :

  1. Identify how big is the problem – How are your potential users currently dealing with the problem.  Is it a Showstopper for them? Address a larger market.
  2. Is it just an advanced version of the competitor product – What makes you feel that your competitor would not develop or market that.
  3. Which demographic of audience are you targeting – Do their choice or nature of selection of that product changes often or it would be only binded with you? And what makes you feel that.
  4. Is someone already doing it – What stage they are in ? Remember this you are 1 in 7.753 Billion and 1 in 13,000 if you are reading this article 🙂 there is a higher chances of probability, that someone has already thought or are on it. 😉 Even Elon Musk is not the ONLY TANK THINKER. And How can better them in delivering that product.
  5.  Do you have a team? Do you have Money to Burn in marketing, research etc… and moreover patience?

Some of the Cool App Ideas that we believe that can be of big potential are :

Health and Fitness:

A fitness app that tracks your workouts and provides recommendations for improvement. The app would also include a community component so users can share tips and encouragement with one another.


A trivia app that tests your knowledge of pop culture, entertainment, and current events. The app would allow users to compete against each other for the highest score, and there would be weekly and monthly leaderboards to keep things competitive.


An organization app that helps users keep track of their to-do lists, appointments, and deadlines. The app would offer both a calendar view and a list view, as well as notifications for upcoming events.


A puzzle game that challenges players to solve brainteasers in a limited amount of time. The puzzles would be randomly generated, so no two games would ever be the same.


When it comes to developing a cool app idea, there are a few key features you’ll want to make sure are included. Here are the five most important ones:

  1. Ease of use – your app should be easy to navigate and use, no matter what your target audience is.
  2. Functionality – make sure your app does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well.
  3. Robustness – create an app that can handle multiple tasks and doesn’t crash often.
  4. Security – protect your user data and ensure your app is secure against hacking attempts.
  5. Compatibility – make sure your app works on the devices your users are likely to have, whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.


Time for me now to promote our App development services 😉 . We have developed 148 apps in the last 5 yrs. So we believe we have handled more nuisance and explored more than the most of the folks out there. So if you are looking to develop one. Do ping me up.

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