Why Social Media Influencers are key to Automotive Marketing

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The automotive industry has seen a lot of changes in recent years. The future will be even more disruptive as cars become smarter, safer and electric; all while design technology improves to the point where we can have self-driving vehicles by 2020! But it’s not just vehicle engineering that’s going through wild transformations – marketing strategies are changing too with new interactive advertising platforms enabling brands communicate directly at consumers across different channels like social media or mobile games without any intermediaries between them whatsoever…

The automotive industry has always been on the forefront of innovation and technology, but with new players like Instagram rising in popularity it may be time for them to take another look at how they can keep up. The stats show that Facebook’s main platform hit one billion users less than 10 years after its founding while TikTok -a video app exclusively available through smartphones- recently reached 1B worldwide subscribers within half a year! With these numbers alone you would think this is some kind of futuristic gadget capable only reaching people my age or older.

It’s no secret that traditional advertising has been struggling to reach people in their early adulthood years. The desire for real engagement is now only surpassed by the complexities involved with making an authentic connection across platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which offer user demographics any CMO would kill For! Studies show this demographic group favors influencer marketing over other types of advertisement – but how do you find those perfect role models?

Can you be an automotive influencer and still keep your personality? That’s what Dodge is banking on with their new “Chief Donut Maker” campaign. The company has hired someone who isn’t well known, but could have a large following to create content for them in order make it relatable social media stars from different demographics see themselves driving around town looking cool while eating delicious donuts!

This newest ad by GM shows how important having both styles of personalities can really help grow awareness/reputation: one which focuses more traditional marketing tactics like ads & commercials alongside another where they rely heavily upon customer service representatives via phone calls or text messages, i’m sure most people would love getting coupons 😉

Alexandra Mary “Alex” Hirschi, known online as Supercar Blondie, is an Australian social media celebrity, presenter, and vlogger based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is best known for her automotive videos, which she posts on a regular basis on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Voodoo, a company that produces high-end exhaust systems for cars such as the Audi R8 and Ferrari 488 have been able to attract customers with their Instagram content creator Will’s work. They took risks by hiring him because they weren’t sure if he would be able produce quality results or not but now it seems like all those worries were worth every penny spent when you look at how many people are coming in solely due his creative videos on social media platforms!

The rise of social media influencers is one area where we’ve seen rapid change over the past 12-24 months. As these platforms continue to evolve, new discoveries will be made about what resonates with followers and how best leverage them for brand success doesn’t come easy – but it’s essential if you want your business (not just automotive) tagline ” Succeed Today!”

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