Successful companies in social media function more like entertainment companies, publishers, or party planners than as traditional advertisers.

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An audience persona helps you understand your target audience better, which makes it easier to create content and messaging that resonates with them. When creating an audience persona, you'll want to include basic demographic information like age, gender, and occupation, as well as information about their interests and behaviors.


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Every story needs a reasoning. Withing our social media marketing agency, we identify the objective for the business such as brand awareness, generating leads, or driving website traffic. Based on these objectives, we work backwards to create stories that users can relate to, or interact with. These in turn, helps us in growth hacking and achieve the objectives set for social media.


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Post creation of buyer persona, and objective settings. Our social media marketing agency, identifies the type of resources for content creation, creative creation, strategy implementation, helpdesk. As if, having your own social media marketing team without the pain in the management and utilization of those resources.

Digital Alignment

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Shoppias social media marketing agency can help you create a social media strategy that meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

In Social Media Marketing the most vital step is the content planning that is the process of creating and organizing content for publication. This can involve creating or selecting images, videos, articles, and create a storyline that followers can understand and engage with.

Collaboration is key, if you have low follower count or if you are just starting up. Collaborating with influencers can be a good strategy for social media marketing. First, by working with an influencer who has a large following, businesses can reach a large number of potential customers quickly and easily. Additionally, it allows businesses to tap into the influencer’s audience, which is likely to be engaged and receptive to the business’ message. Finally, this can help businesses create content that is more engaging and relevant to their target audience.

Based on our analysis of approx. 13,000 social media accounts globally. Our conclusion based on data analysis of content is : Social Media engagement to follower growth depends on curiosity hook. The better curiosity that they could not wait , better the engagement , better growth of followers. compared to a regular post. As they would require the first hand information, during the revelation. Within our social media marketing agency, we identify the trend, objectives of the client, and develop a curiosity hook and do an alpha test for the same.

In competitor analysis, we analyze:

  1. Social Media Growth Rate
  2. Social Media Engagement Rate
  3. How well the content performs, and what type of content performs best at what time?
  4. Demographics of their audience.
  5. Identify strengths and weakness of the competitor.

Understanding there is always an area of for improvement, and knowing what are the needs improvement is the key factor. Within our growth metrics shared on a weekly basis. It helps us analyze, where we are , How far we have to go, Our weakness, and How to overcome the weakness. The growth metric reports is like a test score for social media marketing agencies.

Knowing where are and where have to reach based on growth metrics. An independent third party agency hired by Shoppias does the Gap Analysis for us that helps us in analyzing from a broader view, what went wrong and how to improve or reduce our gaps within the campaigning.

Type of WORK

Video Development

Based on the business / brand and objective set. We do the video and music production in house. We specialize in video development consisting about Brands, Products, Promotion, Teaser, reviews.

video development in social media marketing agency


Based on the objectives and budget set for campaigning. We identify a combinational mix of Channels, platforms, collaborators, target size in order to get the maximum ROI on a specific campaiganing.

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Image Creation

While there are a million images within the internet. We do an infusion of the old and new art. This helps is capturing that extra seconds from the user to get the right mix for conversions.


Shoppias Influencer marketing agency works with 250+ influencers globally based on the business type. And we are continuously expanding our horizons to recruit more influencers. This helps our clientele to have better rates, better engagement. 

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Content Creation

A catchy phrase or a quote, that grabs users attention, and make them want more to see it. Our content creator team articulates readers attention.

content writing in social media marketing agency

Response Management

Responses, enquiries, messages, product or service enquiries are managed by our helpdesk team that helps our clientele followers give the added edge compared to bot responses.

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Teach and lead

From $0 to $50k in 60 days



Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest

50 Days

$45k sales in 2nd month, gave client much hope in the online space to spend more.

0.02% engagement to 12.7%



Facebook, Instagram

150 Days

Clients sales grew by 250%, and based on engagement on social media, new contracts with additional partners were established for product sales.

500 users & $14.5k Monthly Returns



SEO, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics

150 Days

56 SaaS Customer / Clients were signed up organically.

4000 registered users in 60 days



SEO, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics

90 Days

$2021 0 Sales . In 2022, Post Revamp of the website and local target $500k sales in 60 days.

Kids Fashion Clothing


New Zealand

Digital Marketing Suite, Facebook, Instagram, video ads

183 Days

Client total sales revenue had reached $4Mn in 6months.

From $0 to $500k in 60 days



Digital Marketing Suite, Facebook, Instagram

90 Days

$2021 0 Sales . In 2022, Post Revamp of the website and local target $500k sales in 60 days.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Create content that teaches

You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free.

“Make a customer, not a sale.”


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