Universal for IOS – Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

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Provider : Third Party

Delivery : 12hrs

Support : 4 months from Provider

License : Included in Files with delivery

Installation : $25/hr


  • Unlimited Items – You can use & combine as many Blogs, Timelines, Feeds, Channels, Playlists, Stations, Webpages, etc as you want. Optionally add icons and create sections.
  • Beautiful Design – We took great care of the UI of this template to make sure it is focused on your content. Display the articles and videos in styled detail views with parallax scrolling header images and fading navigation bars.
  • Completely native – The app is written completely in Swift with native layout files.
  • Notifications build-in – Support for notifications by OneSignal is completely build in, all you have to do is configure your OneSignal ID and configure your certificates and you can send notifications to your users. Notifications can open in the in-app webview, or in Safari.
  • Admob Banners & Interstitial – Easily enable banners throughout you app and instantly monetize your application. Also supports interstitials shown during navigation on a configurable interval.
  • Customizable & Brand-able – Make your app yours by customizing theme colors & using your own icons. You can also choose between multiple styles for your Navigation drawer, for example by setting a header image. Easily translatable.
  • Tabs & Sliding Menu – Organize and navigate your content using tabs and/or the sliding menu drawer. You can also use category screens to organize content.
  • In App Purchases* – Provide your users with the option to remove ads and/or unlock additional content with a quick in-app purchase to monetize your app.
  • Social – Let your users share content from your app to other apps
  • Connection Manager – No connection message when no internet. Error handling is also integrated.
  • In-App Video player – Let users play YouTube videos without even having to leave your application!
  • About Dialog – Display about dialog with a link to your own contact page.
  • Dynamic Remote Configurations – Define your app’s configuration easily using our free Configuration tool. Your app will load based on this configuration, and you can update your apps configuration remotely, no need to update the app itself.
  • Great Documentation – Step by step instructions on how to configure your template from scratch.




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Universal for IOS - Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

$99.00$129.00 (-23%)

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