WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees

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The WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees will allow you to easily apply fees (or discount in case the fee value is negative) and to display additional fields in the checkout Billing and Shipping forms! Both fees and additional fields can be applied/displayed according to logic rules…and all done using a nice visual. editor!


File Type : Downloadable

Required : WordPress / WooCommerce Knowledge

Support : E-mail Support


What you will get:

The plugin allows the shop admin to create fees (or discount if the fee value is negative) and additional checkout billing and shipping fields to which optionally he can associate some conditional rules. According to these conditional rules, the plugin will decide if the additional fields have to be shown in Checkout forms and if the fees have to be applied to the Checkout cart.

Each field/fee can have multiple conditional rules related between them with and/or conditions. A conditional rule can consider several product/category/cart/user aspects data like amount spent, height, weight, taxes, user roles…More info at Conditional logic paragraph!

FIELD TYPES The plugin will allow the shop admin to create the following field types:

  • Text
  • Text area
  • File
  • Number
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Password
  • Select/Multiselect
  • Date
  • Time
  • Country
  • State
  • Heading For each field you can configure its own options like CSS classes to assign to the input field, placeholder text, show on emails, show on the order details page, row size, etc.

Not much to explain… the plugin allows you to easily add the “classic” HTML type like text, number or Email fields! 🙂 SORT CHECKOUT FIELDS Using the Sort & Hide menu it is possible to sort all the Checkout fields and temporarily hide the conditional fields FILE UPLOAD Upload any file size on checkout page! Once a file has been selected, the plugin will display a nice visual bar showing the current file upload progress! Once finished the customer will be able to place the order. The file will be lately accessible via the Admin order details page and optionally via Email and the frontend order details page. Optionally it can be deleted by the admin and reuploaded!

Furthermore, if the order will be deleted, all the associated file will be deleted too! this will avoid useful waste of space! HEADING Would you like to separate fields by using some headings? You can! Use the special Heading field to render headings among fields! SELECT/MULTISELECT FIELDS The plugin allows to simply create select and multiselect fields. To do that just create a select/multiselect field specifying values and label using the following format:

value1 : value 1
value2 : value 2
In which each line has a value and label separated by the : character.
Note for WPML users: you can use different labels for each language but you must use same values. For example: ” value_1 : Green” for English and “value_1 : Verde” for Italian.

The plugin allows you to create Country, State or Country & State fields. The first one will allow the customer to just select a Country, the second just to select a State of a given country, the last one is a complete Country and State selector that will populate the State selector according to the current country selected.

Note: For what concerns the State selector, it will be possible to select only the states/provinces for the allowed sell countries configured in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General menu. DATE AND TIME FIELDS You can easily date and time fields that will allow your customer to select the desired values using a nice visual selector! Furthermore, the plugin allows you to restrict the date and time ranges selecting min and max date/time values that can be absolute date and time or can be relative to “now”! FEE AND DISCOUNT Conditional fee feature can also be used to apply a discount. In fact if the fee value is a negative value, the plugin will actually apply a discount!

Fee/Discount feature has an option to set free shipping costs in case any fee rule is applied!

If WPML is detected, the plugin will automatically show multilanguage input fields for labels, placeholders, etc. In this way, you can enter different texts for each language.

For each field can be bounded several and/or conditional logic rules that will make the field visible only if satisfied. A condition can have the following typologies:

  • Product
  • Category
  • Cart
  • User
  • Payment method (only available for fees)
  • Country & state (only available for fees)

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WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees

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