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Our #1 dispatch software helps businesses efficiently manage their dispatch operations. Providing them a centralized platform to track vehicles, drivers, and logistics in real-time, automate workflows, optimize routes, and improve communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers.

  1. Efficiency: A dispatch software that helps you save time and improve your overall efficiency. By automating processes and streamlining operations, reducing the need for manual input and minimizing errors.

  2. Flexibility: The dispatch software is totally customizable and adaptable to your specific needs. It allows to easily add or remove features and functions, depending on your changing requirements.

  3. User-friendly interface: A user-friendly interface that helps in reducing training time and makes it easier for your dispatchers to use the software effectively.

  4. Real-time tracking: Providing accurate, up-to-date information about the location of your vehicles, drivers, and trip information.

  5. Analytics and reporting: Able to generate reports and analytics that provide insights into the performance of your operations, helping you make data-driven decisions and improving your business processes.

  6. Integration with other systems: Integration with other software and tools, such as GPS tracking, billing, and accounting software, that helps automating tasks and streamlining your workflow.

  7. Security: A robust platform to protect your sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

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App for Users

The dispatch software User App has been designed to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Its simple interface allows users to book  quickly and easily with just a few taps on the screen.

taxi app


App for Drivers

The dispatch software driver’s App can access real-time information about nearby customers, get a detailed view of their daily revenue and manage their bookings more efficiently.

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Panels for Management

The administration panel helps owners simplify and automate many aspects of their operations, services, pricing, including reservations, tracking and customer data analysis.

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A risk-free investment when starting from zero.

Popular Features
15+ Features


An unlimited plan for growth based market.

Popular Features
35+ Features


Businesses already in operation with multi market.

Popular Features
150+ Features


The dispatch software provides accurate and up-to-date information about the location of vehicles, drivers, and trip information in real-time.



Route planning and optimization to reduce trip times, save fuel costs, and improve driver productivity.


In the dispatch software the routine tasks, such as customer updates, assignation of driver, dispatch vehicles are all automated. 


Reports and analytics that provide insights into the performance of dispatch operations, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve processes.

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Technical assistance is available 24×7, all year round. This support is provided by a team of trained professionals who are available to assist with any issues or questions related to the software.

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An automated voice or text-based system enables real-time communication among the user, dispatcher, and driver. Contains In-app messaging, email, voice base communication.

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In a dispatcher software, you can manage weekly / bi-weekly or monthly payments for companies, drivers, as well as handle commission and subscription management.

taxi dispatch software


Bus transport systems are integrated with dispatching software to efficiently manage and monitor the movement of buses. This technology enables real-time tracking of buses, route optimization, automated ticketing, and seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers for better customer service.


Taxi transport systems rely on dispatching software to manage their fleet and optimize their operations. With this technology, taxi companies can efficiently assign rides to drivers, track their location and progress, and improve customer service with features such as automated payments and real-time ride updates.


Dispatching software used in delivery systems can also capture proof of delivery by incorporating electronic signature capture or image capture of delivery confirmation. This feature improves accountability and transparency for businesses and provides customers with real-time delivery updates and confirmation of receipt.


Truck companies use dispatch software to manage and optimize their logistics operations. It enables them to plan routes, track vehicles, communicate with drivers, monitor deliveries, and generate reports. Dispatch software provides trucking companies with the data and analytics they need to make informed decisions and improve customer service.

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Product Addons

Chat With Admin and Client

The driver can chat with the administrator and the customer. This real-time communication helps drivers in many cases.

The smallest feature, but one of the most important to generate more productivity for drivers.

taxi app
taxi app

Social Media

Login to social networks. Allows users or drivers to register through social networks. This data you then can be used for Meta Ads on Facebook , Instagram to promote your brand through their friends and network.

The fastest way to grow for your Taxi App Dispatch software.

Zone Management

Geofencing. Restricting your drivers to specific zones for the trip. Or a different fare based on zones.

A potential feature, if you want to play different based on different zones. In such a way that no one is able to understand your pricing or trip structure as a business owner.

taxi dispatch system

Multiple Services

How to obtain the maximum income? By providing different types of services. But what happens, when you have limited drivers.

We help you to solve this problem. A driver can subscribe to multiple services and not restrict them to one type of service.

This helps in converting your trips by not missing any trips.

Don't Miss

When your drivers are on their own and you don’t want them to miss out on a trip. This is where a pop-up notification helps.

It will be displayed on the driver’s cell phone without the need to open the App.

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dispatch software

Referral Discounts

A referral system is a way of rewarding customers for referring new customers to a company. typically, the customer who refers the new customer receives a bonus or discount for their efforts.

Trip Secured Code

The travel code is an additional layer of security for your trips and payments. So you never get the wrong cab again.

The user receives the code and the driver verifies it before starting the trip.

taxi app
taxi app


Very similar to Uber Pool.
Share your ride with others and split the cost of the ride. 

A great feature for the taxi app companies to grow their userbase without adding cost and also sets them apart from their competitors.


For a higher ROI, maximum driver productivity is being utilized. Thus, when a driver during a trip and is about to reach his destination, any trip generated near the destination would alert the driver for trip acceptance. In this way, the driver would have work before the first one was finished.

taxi app
taxi app

Earning from Advertising

Advertising is another way to earn revenue with the App. Depending on the region, you can display specific ads from vendors.

You can also set a rate for vendors such as CPI (cost per impression), CPC (cost per click).

Live Streaming*

To protect the safety of drivers and users. You can have live streaming on the trip or at any point, and see what is happening.

dispatch software
taxi app

Your Playlist, Your Trip

Everyone likes to listen to their genre of music. Here the user can share his playlist with the driver, so that his/her playlist is played during the trip.

Integración IVR

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system will be integrated into the control panel to send call-driven trips.

dispatch software
taxi app

Bidding System

The bidding system allows drivers to submit bids for Taxi services. Users can view real-time bids from nearby drivers. Users can negotiate the offer and, once both parties agree, the contract is made.

Share the Trip

Share your trip with your loved ones, co-workers or anyone else. They will be able to see your location in real time and know your estimated time of arrival.

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