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fleet driver app

User Mobile App Features for fleet driver app


Once the fleet driver app downloads the app. It will ask for either registration or signup. In the registration, Basic details of driver, documents, and preferred service type would be required. Once registered, Post Approval, driver would be able to take the trips and gps tracking systems for fleet vehicles would be enabled.

fleet driver app registration

Driver Online

In the fleet driver app, the driver can decide by toggling ON and OFF, as to when to accept the services. 

Fleet driver app online

Trip Request

Once a trip is requested from the user. And if the driver is in the closest vicinity to the user. The driver would get a notification of the trip along with trip details. The trip would automatically disappear, if no action taken within specified time as configured in the fleet management system.


fleet driver app request of trip


Post acceptance of the trip, When clicked on picked up. The billing for the trip will start. During this time, in the fleet driver app, if the driver wishes, could contact the admin either through chat or support panel.

Fleet driver app accepted


When the driver completes the trip, an automatic invoicing is generated based on the trip service type. This invoice would also be available to the fleet tracking app to the user. 

fleet driver app trip completion

Advantages in your fleet driver app

fleet driver app earning history

Earning History

You can assign a daily goal for the driver for the trips, and assign a bonus for the completion. 

Also the driver, would be able to view their entire earning history along with commission paid out. 

taxi app software verification of code

RIDE Verification

To make sure the authenticity of the trips. An OTP verification for the trip is requested. That is provided by the user. Only when both OTP’s match the trip is started. 

Taxi app software Invoicing


Once the trip is completed, an automatic invoice is generated for the driver and the client.

Admin Chat

Driver would be able to chat with the fleet routing software admin of the platform.

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