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The toughest part in website development is that you are stuck with one company, one design and a contract. Your business evolves, so should be your website.

From 1000’s of pre-made designs. View the designs that you ❤.  Select, buy and install it on your server.

Or if you want something specific, you can contact us still. 😇

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1200+ Designs

In 17yrs we have developed websites for most industries. Our focus is on conversion and brand representation.

27,000+ Purchases

With more than 27,000+ purchases. Your web development is just a click way.

4.8/5 Rating

Our average rating from 27,000+ purchases

WordPress Themes

New themes and designs added every day.

No Monthly Fees | No Contract | Web Development

❣ Loved by Designers, ❣ by businesses. 

A easy setup for non techies. The formula to grow online is here, and all that it would require is 1 Click. Select your perfect web design based on your needs and industry practises. Get free updates. 

Custom Design

Want a custom web development design for your business. You can contact us. Define your industry and your needs. 

Mobile Responsive

Most of our designs are mobile responsive. That means, your website wordpress theme works well in all the devices.


Once you buy, you would get a downloadable zip file that should be uploaded in theme section of wordpress.

Website Setup

For setting up your website. First you would require a server, and install WordPress in that to upload your theme. You can contact us, if you require any assitance.

Content Addition

If you are unsure about content best practises. We can help you in content addition. We also generate fresh new content based on your needs. 


Most of our themes comes with auto updated feature. Look this space more or your wordpress panel for free updates. 

There are no monthly payments. Once the wordpress theme you bought for your business website. It has to be installed on on WordPress. If you are unsure on how to do it. You can always contact us.

Yes you can host in any server. we recommend any shared server as they are less expensive to start with for example: Hostinger, Bluehost or Google Cloud. In that WordPress needs to installed, if not you would have to install WordPress for your web development.

For any reason, if you are unable to install, you can get our setup services. 

Once installed you can visit the preinstalled page and change the content or the images accordingly. If you want an assitance for the same, we can help in your web development with our setup services.

If you want changes in the existing design, or you want a custom design for your business. You can contact us for our custom services. 

We would send you updates on theme as and when we release an update on the designs, that means your current content or data would not be lost.

“We are here to help companies compete in a broader marketplace. If you are serious for your GROWTH. We will show you, how it can be done in the shortest time.”

– Shoppias


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